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Seattle Insurance Bad Faith Attorneys

The insurance lawyers at Olive|Bearb Law Group, PLLC represent people who are experiencing unreasonably delay or denial of valid claims from their insurance company. This is sometimes known as insurance bad faith.

An insurance policy is an agreement based on trust between two parties, an insurance company and a policyholder. A person buys an insurance policy for a sense of security and piece of mind. The policyholder pays premiums to an insurance company so that when they submit a claim for a covered event, they will be protected by their insurance company. Unfortunately, sometimes insurance companies do not honor their end of the bargain and act unfairly or in bad faith toward their policyholder when the policyholder needs help the most.

Olive|Bearb Law Group, PLLC believes in holding insurance companies accountable to their promises; if you have an insurance claim that has been wrongfully denied or delayed, a Seattle insurance lawyer from our firm can help ensure that your insurance company lives up to their obligations under the policy.

What Is Insurance Bad Faith?

Insurance companies have to treat their policyholders fairly-acting in accordance with their duty of "good faith and fair dealing." This covenant exists by operation of law in every insurance contract. If violated, the policyholder can sue the insurance company for not honoring of this duty and a breach of the insurance contract.

What Are Examples Of Insurance Bad Faith?

An insurance company can act in bad faith in a number of different ways. An insurance company may unreasonably:

  • Failing to fully investigate the claim;
  • Failing to fully pay the claim;
  • Failing to promptly process claim payments; or
  • Denying coverage for a covered claim.

Insurance companies typically have access to in-house legal teams who have developed subtle and effective tactics meant to delay and deny payments, which include asking unrelated questions during investigations in hopes of finding unrelated discrepancies. They may also deny a claim simply based on the assumption that the denied claimant will not pursue any further action.

There are also examples of what are known as Third-Party Bad Faith. These include:

  • Failure to settle an underlying suit against the insured
  • Failure to defend the insured in an underlying action by a third party
  • Negligent handling of the defense

Insurance companies often use their vast resources to intimidate and confuse policyholders with rightful claims. The Seattle insurance attorneys at Olive|Bearb Law Group, PLLC represent individual people who are being taken advantage of by these insurers; a Seattle insurance attorney at our firm has the legal experience to pursue a fair result for you and your family.

If you have been denied insurance benefits for a covered event, contact our Seattle office at 206-629-9262 for more information.