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Seattle Wrongful Death Attorneys

The lawyers at Olive|Bearb Law Group, PLLC are committed to helping real people through difficult times caused by the wrongdoing of others. Nowhere is that more clear than our handling of wrongful death and catastrophic injury cases. Especially when a big corporation or government entity is the responsible party, or when an insurance company is unwilling to fulfill their duties, the obstacles to justice may appear too daunting to handle in your time of grief. Our personal injury attorneys based in Seattle, WA understand that it might be difficult to think about legal action and paperwork at a time when you are grieving. If the negligent actions of others have caused your tragedy, you deserve not only peace of mind, but also justice and the proper financial compensation to help get your life back together. Olive|Bearb Law Group, PLLC is a firm of aggressive and experienced attorneys who can help you through these difficult times - whether it involves obtaining a fair and just settlement or taking your case to trial.

Catastrophic Injury and Wrongful Death

The attorneys at Olive|Bearb Law Group, PLLC have experience in a vast number of catastrophic injury and wrongful death cases, including the following:

  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Neck, Back and Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Full and Partial Paralysis
  • Severe and Multiple Fractures
  • Loss of Limbs
  • Severe Burns
  • Severe Infections
  • Birth Injuries

If the negligent actions of others caused death or catastrophic injury, you will need the assistance and guidance of attorneys who can present your case in a strong and straightforward manner. Evidence needs to be acquired, examined and protected. Witnesses need to be questioned. Professionals in the medical, science and employment fields need to be questioned to determine the full extent of medical bills, lost wages and consequential damages. As an experienced auto accident, the Seattle personal injury lawyers at Olive|Bearb Law Group, PLLC have the legal knowledge to put these resources to the best possible use in and out of court, during your claim and beyond.

Contingency Fee Basis

Olive|Bearb Law Group, PLLC typically works on a contingency fee basis, which means we are paid a percentage of the total financial amount recovered in a settlement or trial verdict. We are only compensated when your legal action is successful. If the legal action is unsuccessful, you will not be responsible for Olive|Bearb Law Group, PLLC's time on the case (our attorney fees), though you remain responsible for the costs and expenses incurred during the case, including copying charges, filing fees, expert witness fees, etc. Where successful, those costs can be paid out of the money obtained by settlement or trial verdict. We believe in contingency fee work because it gives our clients the opportunity to receive high quality legal representation regardless of their financial circumstances.

Contact Experienced Seattle Personal Injury Attorneys For Your Wrongful Death or Catastrophic Injury Claim

If you are a party to a catastrophic injury or wrongful death, you will need to ensure your rights and interests are being protected. To learn more about how our dedicated, experienced Seattle wrongful death lawyers can help you, please contact Olive|Bearb Law Group, PLLC at 206-629-9262 for more information.