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Spinal Cord Injury Attorneys

All injuries involving the spinal cord are serious, but the effects of the injuries can vary widely. Some can cause a lifetime of severe pain while others take away all sensation and mobility. In either circumstances, the injury victim may be unable to work, care for him or herself, and participate in former activities.

If you or a family member has suffered a spinal cord injury, speak with the attorneys at Olive|Bearb Law Group, PLLC. We understand that the devastating effects of these injuries can change the lives of everyone in the family. Our Seattle spinal cord injury lawyers will work with you to ensure that we calculate the full value of your past, current and future losses for medical bills, lost income and benefits, medical equipment, pain and suffering, and long-term care. We fight relentlessly to get clients the compensation they need to move forward.

The Need For Compensation

Spinal cord injuries are most frequently caused by vehicle accidents and falls. Work accidents, surgical errors and violent assaults or gunshot wounds can also cause spinal injuries.

Tearing or severing the spinal cord is the most serious injury to the cord. In general, the higher on the spine this type of injury occurs, the more severe the damage to the rest of the body will be. Injuries in the neck/cervical region of the spine will likely affect the muscles and body systems below the level of the injury. People who suffer these types of injuries may have quadriplegia as well as damage to the lungs and other organs below the injury. Damage to internal organs may eventually result in death.

Injuries in the lower/lumbar area of the spine may affect the hips and legs, resulting in paraplegia. Bowel, bladder and sexual functions may also be compromised.

Other spinal injuries may involve the pinching of spinal nerves. Broken vertebrae, ruptured spinal disks and similar injuries can cause spinal nerve pain that may be severe and chronic. This type of pain can result in muscle weakness and limited mobility as well as the need for prescription painkillers. The side effects of these drugs may make it impossible to drive, work or care for oneself.

Our network of medical, economic and life-care experts will help us calculate your damages. We have experience proving the need for considerable compensation in catastrophic injury cases.

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