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Construction Accidents Lawyers

In Washington, everyone injured on the job has the right to workers' compensation benefits regardless of who caused the injury or who was at fault. But workers' compensation provides limited benefits for medical care, time loss and disability, and it provides no compensation for pain. Certain workers who suffer catastrophic injuries or die on construction sites or other hazardous work sites may have the right to full compensation.

If you were seriously injured on the job or lost a family member to wrongful death at work, workers' compensation may not be enough to meet your needs. The company in charge of the work site, or another company working on the site with you, may have carelessly caused your injury or let it happen. You cannot sue your employer, but you may have the right to sue those other companies to recover the damages that your workers' compensation benefits don't cover.

Olive|Bearb Law Group, PLLC construction site injury attorneys workers seriously injured in Washington. We will review your claim to determine whether a "third party" is liable for your injury ("third parties" are companies or workers other than your employer or co-workers). On construction sites, these "third parties" may include the general contractor, other subcontractors, equipment manufacturers or property owners. Our construction accident attorneys can assist you with third-party personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits, aggressively pursuing compensation for your injuries and other losses. We can also refer you to a workers' compensation lawyer if you need help with your no-fault claim through the state or self-insured employer. Please speak with one of our attorneys today to learn how we may assist you.

We Seek Additional Compensation For Injured Workers

Construction sites are dangerous and highly regulated. Washington has hundreds of safety rules to keep workers from harm. Washington has safety rules for:

  • Fall protection
  • Scaffolds
  • Ladders
  • Nail guns
  • Saws
  • Power equipment guards
  • Trip hazards
  • Toxic exposure

Washington has safety rules for many other dangerous parts of construction work, too. Safety violations, defective equipment and inexperienced contractors can cause catastrophic or fatal injuries.

Construction workers may suffer serious injuries such as:

The medical care you will need after a construction injury may be extensive, especially if it includes multiple surgeries, rehabilitative therapy, cosmetic procedures, or the need for daily care from a family member or health aide. Although workers' compensation will pay your medical bills, partial time loss compensation, and some benefits for disability, you may need additional financial compensation to cover your loss of income if you cannot return to work or do the same type of job, and you may be entitled to money to make up for the pain you've suffered that workers' compensation won't provide. A third-party lawsuit can provide this extra money.

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